Thursday, May 10, 2007

Welcome, all, to the marvelous misadventures of Annie.

As my ninth month in the Peace Corps approaches, I feel the need for a substantial product. Just imagine: if instead of going off to an adventure in Ukraine, I had gone off to a bar somewhere and gotten knocked-up, I’d be a month away from motherhood. Happily, that’s a totally ridiculous scenario, but still­­– I’d like to have something to show for this passage of time. More specifically, something to show-OFF to all of you I’ve left behind. And so emerges this blog, my baby.

A List of Important Facts:

  1. I am a teacher, 5th to 11th grade. I did not plan this, but it seems to be turning out surprisingly well. Soon, I’ll probably even feel normal being the “adult in charge.”
  2. I have a cat; her name is Sherlock. I spend a lot of time with her, talking to her, and wondering if I’m taking care of her correctly. This occupies a lot of my day.
  3. In February I got sick. After a very interesting encounter with the Ukrainian medical system, a week of alternating between vomiting and thinking I was a hypochondriac, and four days in the Peace Corps sick bay, I was flown to America. My gallbladder was gotten rid of, and now I’m cured. Perfectly A-Okay. Plus, I got to keep some gallstones.
  4. Fact: I live in a small town on the coast of Crimea. Fact: I have my own apartment. Fact: This is a great and beautiful thing. Fact: Great and beautiful does not mean hot water. Or even water on Thursdays. Or heating, now that it’s looking like springtime. But still, great and beautiful.
  5. I’m developing a new life theory:

    “When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear, and life stands explained.” --Twain

So, here, in this newly birthed blog, I invite you to share my madness.


Daniel said...

Annie, what kind of fishing them boys got over there?

Ben said...

Hmmmm. Hand washing clothing sounds so primitive, Ann. You mean Fabreeze isn’t available in the local market?
So, what adventures have you had recently? Taken any good pics? I assume you have had a few opportunities to get out and about in the countryside to some of the small towns, perhaps via local bus or milk train. If so, I’d love to see your pictures of traditional old style homes and farm buildings.
I hear you have a refrigerator now. What do you keep in it, vodka?
If I knew how to paste a picture here of the eyeball soup I had the other day, I would. You’d be jealous…it was tasty!