Sunday, June 3, 2007

From the Trenches in a Losing Battle

It's 11:47 at night and I am in despair.
My apartment is being invaded, by ANTS. They're small, they're mindless, and they are TOTALLY WINNING the war against me. My kitchen is currently stripped of carpets, table clothes, food, dishes, everything except the cat bowl and the appliances. And they still come marching in. I've squished, I've poisoned, I've flooded them, I've put down cinnamon and sprayed them with vinegar, but they're unstoppable. I'm all for killing THEIR ENTIRE CIVILIZATION, but their strengths are not confined to sheer numbers and tenacity. They're SNEAKY. Their trail is hidden; it disappears into wooden shelving installed on the balcony, so I can't follow them home.
I'm seriously considering duct taping my balcony door closed. I'll just hang my laundry above the bathtub.


Anonymous said...

So, soon you will have a visitor...maybe even two! David wants to come and squish ants...maybe he will bring some imported gourmet ant poison from Okinawa!!

Diana said...

I have a blog now, too, because I really needed one...

My url is

I have your link on my page :).